In a digital age where we're all connected through technology, social media knowledge really matters but so does personality - At Ouma, we've got plenty of both. 


We manage your social media platforms, so you can manage your business. From social media advertising, to delivering great content, our creative social team can help you create noise across several platforms, ensuring you get the recognition your business deserves.



We’ve got a way with words and a brilliant team of content writers who deliver compelling, engaging content, daily. At Ouma, we strategically plan social media calendars for all of our clients, on a promise to regularly deliver content, specifically targeting your consumer market. We personalise content strategies for each social platform, meaning your content and posts offer diversity and relevance at all times. We’re trusted by several businesses for the management of their socials and have a solid background in providing sales-positive results.  




A paid social advertising strategy is considered a cornerstone of successful digital marketing.
We work alongside clients to create an affordable and suitable paid social budget. We can help you generate interest, leads and sales through cohesive ad strategies. Our knowledgeable team of social media experts will be able to maximise the return on your social spending, ensuring your business benefits from the investment. 



Now, more than ever, influencer marketing is becoming a solid trend for brand and business success. We understand the importance of influencer marketing, and the effective result it generates by drawing interest from connected consumer markets. We can help businesses reach out to potential influencers and see a campaign through from sketch to finish, getting your brand heard and ultimately winning you business.




Toggle some of our customer profiles which are currently fully managed by the Ouma team, including;

  • Copywriting

  • Imagery Sourcing

  • Graphic Design

  • Ad Management

  • Data Analysis

  • Multi-Platform Strategies

  • Influencer Outreach

  • Page Bios

  • Plugin Management

  • Brand Consistency

  • Direct Message Management

  • Social Media Engagement

  • Daily Notification Checks

  • Audience Growth

  • Event Management

  • Strategic Consultancy

  • Competitor Analysis

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