The Ouma marketing team was originally founded in 2017 by directors, Ross Jones and Rachel Lyndon-Jones.

Based in Swansea, South Wales - their gusto and creative energy have certainly made waves along the M4 corridor. Having substantially grown throughout 2020, Ouma now consists of a collective of talented individuals from all walks of life, passionate about everything digital marketing.


We are a team of brand experts and marketing strategists who exist to elevate brands, giving them a voice in an extremely competitive online marketplace. Social media marketing is our bread and butter; we not only strategise change, we implement change, transforming businesses from the inside-out, boosting brand awareness and engagement.


We treat our customers like our colleagues. The nature of our service allows us to build strong, meaningful relationships which brings true value both personally and professionally.



Co-directors Ross and Rachel (you’re forgiven for singing the Friends’ theme tune) are not only business partners, but life partners - childhood sweethearts in fact.


Going against the grain, the twenty-somethings both decided against uni, their expertise is entirely self-taught. Instead, they channeled their fight and determination into building Ouma, an SME which has doubled its headcount during a turbulent 2020.


In a short space of time, the entrepreneurial power couple has built an impressive portfolio of clients across the UK who now depend upon Ouma for: digital marketing strategy; social media marketing; web design and content management; graphic design; and comms.



(He / Him)

Technically-minded and stubbornly ambitious, Ross created Ouma to utilise his passion for marketing and strategy creation in a bid to revolutionise south Wales’ business scene.

Having climbed the corporate ladder, Ross has worked with top brands including Amazon, JD Sports, NFL and EY.


A 360-degree marketeer with the ability to translate top-level strategy into a cohesive tactical plan, Ross knows how to build impactful, game-changing campaigns that really drive results.


Ross is fun-spirited, a self-confessed geek and has a desire to create lasting, positive change in business. He is quickly turning his ambition into reality, establishing Ouma as the go-to digital marketing agency in the UK (and beyond!)


Topics for discussion

  • From idea to inception - the beginnings of Ouma.

  • Marketing trends for 2021.

  • Technological advancements; trends, how they  affect our day-to-day lives, history, the next big thing.

  • Being self-taught and becoming an expert in his field.

  • Championing avenues other than university as options for school leavers. 

  • The importance of a ‘growth mindset’ in achieving goals.  

  • Why business boomed despite the impacts of COVID-19. (How Ouma doubled its headcount during a pandemic.)

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(She / Her)

A self-made social media marketeer, Rachel heads-up Social Experience at Ouma, supporting businesses to develop their brands through great content and an unrivalled customer experience.

Managing end-to-end customer engagement process, Rachel strategises and implements results-driven social campaigns.

Meticulously organised, Rachel is the glue that holds the current six-strong team together.


Equally as ambitious as Ross, Rachel has BIG plans for Ouma. With a clear vision, the same laser-focus which enables her to create top-notch social campaigns, Rachel also works in the background creating infrastructure to scale the business.

Topics for discussion

  • The importance of company culture.

  • Being a strong female leader; promoting women in business.

  • Breaking gender stereotypes in a predominantly male-heavy industry.

  • Social media trends for 2021.

  • Mental health and well-being; experiences, the affects, overcoming challenges. 

  • Women in tech.

  • Championing equality within the workplace.


We’re proud to be an Accredited ‘Real Living Wage’ Employer for South Wales.

This means that every member of staff working for Ouma will earn a ‘Real Living Wage’ – a rate of pay that is independently calculated based on the actual cost of living. Each year, we remain committed to providing our staff with a wage higher than the Government’s National Living Wage, because we believe a good day’s work deserves a good day’s pay. We value our employees and staff and want to reward them for their invaluable contribution and the vital role they each play in the success of our business.

To date, the Real Living Wage has seen thousands of families and hard workers across the UK benefit and Ouma are proud to support this movement, enabling all our staff to earn a good wage they can comfortably live on.


We here at the Arb Team have worked with Ouma over the past 3 years we have gone from being nonexistent on Google to number 1 on page 1. We also have a clean efficient website complete with online store. Truly the number one marketing company.

Jack Thomas, Director





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