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Social Media marketing trends for 2021

Remember a time long before Facebook, Twitter and Instagram completely shook up the way we use our mobile phones and totally transformed our communications with friends, family, colleagues and brands? No, neither do we; and that's likely because it's estimated that today at least 2.4 billion of us use Facebook, whilst one in three of us use various other social media platforms every single day. The rise of social media has changed our world, let there be no doubt about it... but what does this mean for marketers and how does social media affect our advertising campaigns for 2021?

It's not an easy one to always get right. With so many users online, it can be challenging to find the best ways to target your social strategy to ensure engagement with your key consumers. The fact is, almost everyone is on social, but conscious brands don't want to target to the entire public - with profit top of the agenda, the savviest of brands will specifically target campaigns to potential consumers most likely to convert. It's no easy feat for businesses; whilst social media provides an easily accessible platform for product promotion and service-selling, modern-day consumers are much more demanding than they've ever been. It's simply not good enough to push a sales post out three times a week, content needs to be geared to generate action and with social media trends constantly on the change, it's hard to stay on track. Thankfully, Ouma are here; and we've already predicted the social expectations for 2021. So, brew up the coffee and get yourself a biscuit - here's a how-to guide for the year ahead.

Conversational marketing

You know how you'll just go out of your way to avoid that self-absorbent co-worker or neighbour who is all self, self, self? Let's face it, nobody likes a one-way conversation because, well, that really isn't a conversation at all. Consumers are no different and they'll quickly lose interest in brands that are simply power-hungry for sales. Conversational marketing is the best way to increase consumer engagement, opening the floor to demonstrate brand personality whilst providing an unrivalled opportunity for you to better understand your target audience. Nearly everyone will take to social media to voice an opinion, so where better than to find out what people really think of you and your brand than on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn? Conversing with your consumers will allow you to understand what your brand marketing really looks like, how you're perceived by the public and what more you need to do to effectively brand-build your way to success.

More than this, you'll show the more 'human' side behind your business, and if the occasion calls for it, conversational marketing can allow you to inject a little humour into your sales strategy.

Socially conscious advertising

But it's not all about giddy conversations and light-hearted humour. Consumers want more. Today, people think deeper, and they care more about environmental and social impact on our planet than you might realise. Socially conscious advertising is a powerful way for brands to connect with consumers and recent survey statistics suggest that bringing personal values and social issues into your marketing decisions can be a beneficial and profitable advertisement strategy. A 2015 Neilson report found that over 60% of consumers would pay more for products sold by companies who are committed to having a positive social impact. Almost every brand has social values, but communicating this to consumers has been something many have failed to do well. Does your company commit to demonstrating diversity? Women in business, cultural acceptance and commitments to disability regulations are all socially important topics to discuss. If you're selling products are you being responsible and environmentally friendly? Is your packaging made from recyclable materials? Do you forego the need for animal testing? All these are significant selling points that will undoubtedly secure an increase in profit. Have a political opinion that your consumers are likely to buy into? Don't be afraid to voice it. Today, consumers want to personally know the brands they connect with, give them that element of trust.

Stop selling

Remember the good ol' days of the hard sell? The relentless window salesman who knocked on the front door every evening at 6pm? Pushy sales phone calls that made sure you listed your number as X-directory? Surprisingly, cold selling still happens but it doesn't work anymore (has it ever?!), and social media users are more averse to it than you might think. It's time to ramp up your advertising strategy for 2021 and ditch the hard sell for a much more personable approach. Effective social media strategies work by the 80/20 rule - which means at least 80% of your social media marketing should be conversational and topical, whilst only 20% should be a sales push or call to action. Long story short? If you must sell on social, sell your brand and the benefits to consumer - not your end product or service.

Nostalgia marketing

Oh, who doesn't love a trip down memory lane? We certainly do, and recent marketing statistics highlight the fact none of us can resist a touch of nostalgia. Given the year of events we've witnessed in 2020, we're a population of people all desperate to venture back to happier times. Like comfort food on a cold winters' night, there's something really very warming about marketing that makes you think fondly of times gone by. Tesco knew this way back in 2013 when they released their 'Forever Young Christmas Advert' and social media users went crazy for the reminders of Christmas where multi-coloured string lights and foil ceiling decks were just part of the Christmas magic. Want to succeed in the future? Wind it back to the past.

Old school marketing

Old school marketing is definitely not old! Think emails are campaigns collecting dust? Well, think again, because 2021 is about to see a rise in targeted email ads. Today, there are unlimited possibilities with emails and with more people working digitally, it's often the fastest and most effective way to reach consumers. A whopping 91% of consumers check their emails daily, so hey presto - there's one way to get your product seen. Want an interactive email that leads back to your website? Need to send hundreds of emails with a click of a button? It's never been more easily done than it can be right now!

If email just isn't your marketing tactic for the year, podcasts might just be the solution. Whilst consumers are busier than ever, put your brand in front of them with an engaging, educational podcast they can listen to with ease. You can read more on podcast marketing right here: Podcast: Connect with your customer

Video content

Whilst our in-house copywriter is adamant nothing could ever possibly beat the written word - video content almost certainly does. Over recent years, we've seen a huge consumer demand for video-led content and just last year, over 80% of global internet traffic was attributed to video. Shocking statistics that simply verify video is absolutely the way to go for social media marketing. So, ditch the dictionary and charge up your cameras because the best way to market in 2021 will be through the lens of your Canon XA11!

There you have it, a great guide to social media marketing for the year ahead. Think it sounds a little challenging? Let Ouma manage social while you do business. Call us on 01792 792654 for a chat with one of our experts.