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Ouma's March Roundup

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

It's officially spring! We've hung up our winter coats, packed away our snow boots and we've never been more ready for blue skies, green grass and lots of sunshine! After months of hibernating away in our homes, heavily reliant on hot cups of tea and far too many chocolate digestives, we've merrily transitioned to the back garden for a spot of work under the parasol... and life’s good. Really good.

March was a busy one for Team Ouma, but then we've long forgotten what a quiet month ever looked like. Jam packed with interesting and wonderful projects, we also welcomed new clients into our fold, and hiked up all the gears on our company development as we took the brave and bold step of launching our very own PR department.

SPOILER ALERT: We think it went pretty well!

But first, let's recap to the start where we spent the first week of our month celebrating the many achievements of women. Whilst we certainly recognised the strengths and awesomeness of women right across the world, we also took time out to highlight some important social issues too, sharing insights and stories on our own personal struggles with gender inequality. In a candid and honest account of our own experiences, we spoke of mothers in work, unfair female representation and women in business and leadership positions. You can read our full blog post for International Women's Day, right here.

Feminism aside (although did you know that 87% of our team are female?!), we did much more this month too, creating and launching a full catalogue of bespoke website developments for a range of different clients. From professional cleaning services to a rural welsh family-run leisure and holiday resort, it's been a full house for interesting and exciting website briefs. Featuring JDK Cleaning, Penrhos Park and ABS Commercial solutions, here's a sneak peak preview of just a few of our favourites...

On a side note, you know that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you see your stories hit some of the most popular digital news platforms? Turns out we didn't either until early last month when we officially launched our PR department and gained incredible traction for our first clients at The Perch, Swansea. Following an epic refurb of their iconic live music venue, The Perch are certainly bringing a touch of understated class to Wind St, Swansea. Although not officially re-open for usual business, a new tapas menu, complete with take-away delivery service has launched and it's fair to say, they're making waves. Featured in Wales Online, Wales 24/7, Swansea Bay News and many more, we think their most recent PR campaign went down spectacularly. Check out some of their news features, right here.

What a month right?! And there's more yet... We've revamped existing and loyal customer, Miles Hire, giving them a simple but powerful new brand, reflective of their ever-evolving company growth and success. Now Miles Hire looks better than ever and with some riveting new developments on the way for the award-winning welsh firm, we're certain their new logo and branding will live up to all expectations.

At Ouma, we love nothing more than to make sure our clients are happy, and we're committed to delivering excellent standards of work, delivered via the signature Ouma experience, but we’re also passionate about the people who work with us too. Our team are our lifeblood, and we can only ever do the great things we do, because we do them all together. This month, we filled the postie's bag with lovely, unexpected, sweet surprises for our whole team to receive, because sometimes - it's the little thank you gestures that really mean so much. Packed with self-care pamper treats, pina colada gummy sweets and everything you might need for a long soak in the tub, we won't be expecting a whole lot of overtime requests from our well rested team this week!

All this said and done, it seems like the ideal time to wrap this up until next month - which is set to be an absolute corker! Sure, we won't delve deep into the fine details just yet, but expect big things from Ouma - we've set our sights on something pretty epic and we can't wait to tell all.

Oooh... what a tease.

We'll see you next time!

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