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Ouma's December Roundup

Updated: Feb 12

Like it never even happened, the Christmas tree is neatly packed away (actual definition: stuffed into a torn-up cardboard box held together with several strips of Gaffa tape!), and the mince pies are now sitting comfortably on our hips as we're headed for a new year of adventure and excitement. At Ouma, we couldn't be more ready for the year ahead. 2021, we're certain, will be the year of big ideas and even bigger plans and believe us when we say we've got plenty of them lined up! Though, before we commit to our New Year's resolutions to eat less, exercise more and set an earlier alarm clock for Monday mornings (Likely much?!) Let's take a stroll back through the chaos of Christmas. True to usual Ouma tradition, we were crazy busy, but we loved every moment of the madness, and here are just a few of our highlights from December.

We kicked it all off with a brand new website for SPOR, because brands this good need a website to match. If you're not already familiar with our latest client, well then, you probably should be. With home working now a vital way for business operations to continue running at full capacity, SPOR offer a vast range of technology-inspired solutions to ensure maximum performance. Showcasing all their products, bespoke design services and expertise, SPOR's new website certainly lives up to their brand personality and their commitment to innovation. White space, bold colours and quirky captions throughout make this latest website project one we're pretty darn proud of. Take a peek here.

If you know us well, you'll know we're not your usual office-desk agency, and last month we packed up our lunches and tied up our (very fetching!) hiking boots for a day trip out! It was hard hats and Hi-Vis jackets for Ouma team, as we lapped up the invite to join our brilliant clients Runtech, for a mind-blowing site tour around TATA Steel. We got the inside scoop on everything that happens at this epic centrepiece of Port Talbot, and we were astounded by what we learned. From the production of coke cans to the momentous cost of a Kress Carrier's rear wheel, this was definitely an adventure to remember. Thanks for the invite, guys!

As we all know, the pandemic has seen our NHS crippled by the demand for their invaluable service. It's been a tough fight for those working on the front line, but our clients at The Oldwalls Collection stepped up to support by providing home-cooked meals for the true heroes our community rely on. Affectionately labelled as 'boxes of love' - because, well, that's exactly what they are, Ouma have been proud to support our clients with their latest mission to make a difference.

While COVID-19 has seen our hospitals full and supermarkets busier than ever, it's left many of us to tune into our creativity and put our minds into gear for achieving our personal goals. We were delighted to be asked to design the book cover for a client's latest novel very recently. Our Account Executive and Graphic Designer worked as a dynamic duo to pull together this awesome, eye-striking design and we're confident our client is onto a winner! Good luck, we'll hopefully see you on the NYT Best Seller list very soon!

Amazingly, that wasn't all from the team at Ouma for December, we've also been supporting Athlete Career Transition (ACT) on the launch of their latest online social platform for athletes. The 'ACT Network' is proving to be a popular community space for like-minded athletes to join together in open discussion during the lead up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Strategy, content and communication have all been expertly combined to support our client and the world-recognised athletes they work with.

Of course, all this good work needs rewarding, and just before we turned on our 'out of office' notifications to enjoy a festive stint of annual leave, we treated the team to pizza, coke and all of the cookies - and what a feast it was!

Turns out the food was simply brain fuel, which we definitely needed to carry off our 'Secret Santa' gifts this year. It was out with the usual bath bombs, stationary, and alcohol gifts as we all opted in to design a unique one-off t-shirt for someone else in the team. Now, we're not saying we're fashion designers by any stretch, but they definitely raised a smile and here are just a couple of our favourites!

So, that's Ouma's December all neatly wrapped up, and just like the gift that keeps on giving - we'll be back next month with more. Oh, and did we mention? We've got something very exciting just waiting to be revealed...

We'll see you there!