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Ouma January Round-up

January... what a ride!

For the Ouma Team, 2021 started with a bang! We saw this dark, cold, five week month lit up with fascinating new clients, press coverage and a whole lot of fun. Like the rest of the country, we are still hibernating in our homes amongst a fog of home schooling, Zoom meetings and day time pyjama wearing. But nothing is holding us back! This month we supported our customers in planning their marketing strategies to set them up for a successful year ahead whilst celebrating some New Year's wins in the press!

But, the questions on the county's lips? What has Ouma been up to since Christmas, how many months long was January, and will lounge wear be acceptable when the UK returns to work? Read on dear friends, read on!

First on the list of January highs is certainly something to write home about. We were featured in Business in the News celebrating our successes through 2020, including the expansion of our team and financial growth. Now if that's not enough to make our heads so big we can't fit through the office doorways, then we don't know what will be! It certainly turbo charged the team for what was set to be a busy month.

Throughout the month we published a number of blogs to keep our followers stocked with bedtime reading. We got to know our Senior Copywriter a little better; resident Wonder Woman and old romantic, Michelle. Finally, we buckled in for some truth bombs from our Social Media Executive, Becky, in her candid list of New Year's habits that redefine successful people.

If you need something to break up your work from home day, head over to The Scoop and see what takes your fancy: https://www.oumagroup.co.uk/opinions

January also saw us support our client Runtech celebrate their 25th anniversary in an article feature, Tata Steel's, Steel Matters magazine! What an article it was! We are so proud of their incredible work across the country for the British steel industry, and particularly in our home of South Wales.

This incredible photo was taken by the one and only Brad Lever from The Content Creators and doctored by our incredible in-house Graphic Designer, Katie (we wish we could say the sparks were magically creating '25th' in the air but it was a little bit of artistic wizardry!)

We are always delighted to welcome new members of the Ouma family, and this month brought us a truly special brand, Noah's Forest Friends. The company champions sustainable children's toys for education and development through play. They have been a pleasure to work with so far and we are really looking forward to what the future has in store for this unique and ethical brand. Stay tuned to find out more over the coming months.

A few weeks into January we were treated to a snow day! There is no better way to banish those January blues than with a snowball to the face and a chilly walk through snowy Welsh countryside. We built snow men through wet, woollen gloves, chased runaway dogs through the powdery snow fall and drank hot chocolate (with marshmallows, of course). A little mid-winter pick-me-up from mother nature herself.

It wouldn't be a month at Ouma HQ without one or two innovative new websites being built, and January was no exception. With the tangled ball of lockdown restrictions presenting no definitive end in sight for many industries, the need for a quality online presence grows ever more urgent. Ouma to the rescue!

Whilst businesses have temporarily dialled back their offering, they have decided to cocoon with us, ready to re-launch later this year with a brand new, shiny website and upscaled service provision! Check back in on our socials, we'll let you know when these butterflies are ready to emerge this spring.

We rounded off the month with a good old fashioned Zoom Quiz (as if there weren't enough of those in 2020 😜) but this one had a surprise in store! The Ouma team were treated to hot, cheesy pizza of the takeaway variety to mark our Free Pizza Friday tradition in the comfort of our own homes. In the true spirit of quiz fun, we had categories of all varieties from a visual interpretation round to an informative Disney round (who knew Disney could be that political?) Revved up on rum, nineties trivia and Marvel factoids, we started our weekend in style.

There you have it, five winter weeks in the life of Ouma that felt like five winter months, and sadly we can't answer whether 2021 will be the year lounge wear was nationally accepted in offices across the UK, but we sure do hope so. Let's strap in for a whirlwind February full of inspiring new client's, some classic Ouma japery and one terrific announcement!

Farewell January... our welcomed snowball to the face!