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Meet our wonderful weirdos!

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

The poet and novelist, William Cowper, once said 'Variety is the spice of life, that gives it all its flavour' and at Ouma, we couldn't agree more. The eclectic, the weird and the wonderful is what makes up the rich tapestry of life! The habits of our eccentric team members are as bizarre as they come, and it's our habits that make us who we are! Straying off the straight and narrow path of normality is what makes us creatives so good at what we do - you don't have to be mad to work here, but it helps.

Here's some wonderfully weird things about the Ouma Team, that you probably didn't know...


The beauty and brains behind the Ouma brand is certainly not short of her own personality quirks. With an irrational fear of spontaneous combustion, Rachel must ensure that only necessary plug sockets are left switched on and strictly all others are turned off, making for an interesting office routine. Rachel snorts when she laughs (is it even a proper laugh if you don't snort?), enjoys cold take-out food and sounds like she's chewing bones when she chows down on something crunchy. Though, strangest of all to notice on a daily basis around the office is Rachel's eyes; they change colour depending on her mood! Spooky!


The man, the myth, the legend, Ross Jones has his own inner weirdo just waiting to jump out and surprise us all. Usually the king of cool, Ross will run like an Olympic sprinter at the buzz of a wasp or the sight of a large spider! He also hates the thought of touching his own eyeball and seeing someone else touching theirs is enough to make him shiver - luckily, he doesn't wear contact lenses! We also find around Ouma HQ, that when Ross is excited he starts speaking in different accents! As bizarre as that sounds he's not the only one in the office who does this, Caryl and Becky are also partial to a silly accent, when they are particularly animated.


Our talented Copywriter and Super-Mum Michelle has one large, weird aversion - a phobia of wet or damp things. She takes her laundry out of the machine with tongs, dresses her youngest in a poncho to eat and never, ever chaperones swimming lessons! Michelle's weird and wonderful disgust for wet things also goes as far as using a fresh tea towel for every plate she dries! There's never a dull moment in Michelle's house, as she also has a strange habit for getting herself stuck; fingers in beer bottles and hands in door handles are a regular occurrence!


Our fast-paced, adrenaline-junkie, Project Manager Caryl, has plenty of freak flags to fly, but always in the coolest possible way! The biggest thing we notice around Ouma HQ is the total lack of coffee mugs on her desk; Caryl doesn't touch any brown drinks! Tea, coffee, cola, you name it, if it's brown she won't drink it. She is also a chameleon of accents! Wherever she goes, Caryl's accent changes depending on the company she keeps. Dutch, Spanish, American…this high-flyer gets around! She is also never without a box of tissues due to her personal habit of blowing her nose multiple times a day, whether it's blocked or not!


Our Social Media Executive and Eco-Queen has some very strange phobias of certain runny foods touching each other and even she can't explain them! Bring on the Sunday roast swimming in gravy but god forbid you should put ketchup all over your fry-up! She also tends to mispronounce completely ordinary British words and when in doubt, just makes up her own. Weirder still, Becky has been medically diagnosed as a super-sensor, meaning her sense of smell is that of a military-trained, explosive detection dog and suffers from every allergy going. Do not trust this woman!

So now you've had a little insight into how our team ticks; we guess the ultimate question is: does your weird match ours?

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