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Introducing Olivia

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

We have big news and it's hot off the press!

It's no secret that this is a time of great change for the Ouma team and we are proud to introduce our latest member of the family, Olivia. As the most recent addition to an ever-expanding Copywriting Team, she joined us at an unusual time of transition from homeworking to our shiny new office. This has been no easy feat for the gang but Olivia has been nothing but a breath of fresh air. Full of wit and with an intellect to rival many of the literary greats, this Copywriter has exactly what it takes to make a brand stand out amongst the rest!

Having always been a successful academic, our brand-new writer not only has a an Undergraduate Bachelors Degree with Honours in American Studies but also a Masters Degree in Journalism. Her four years spent at Swansea University are some of her fondest having fallen in love with the city's coastline. However, underneath her whimsical, calm and polite exterior is a real wild child! If she’s not curled up watching Bridgeton in her PJs after a long day renovating her home, she's out on the town with a pink gin and lemonade in her hand (with sliced strawberries and lots of ice, of course!)

As a former member of the Hogwarts Society of Swansea University, it is apparent that Olivia has had a love of reading for many years. It is indeed her passion for reading that sparked a compelling talent for writing, as her childhood in Cambridgeshire was filled with the wonderous adventures of Enid Blyton and A.A. Milne.

Our avid reader of the fictional classics is by no means an introvert! This jet setting adventurer takes her favourite books quite literally and explores planet earth like a pro. From Munich to New Hampshire, California to Monaco, Olivia loves to travel and experience new cultures. She has her eyes set on Canada for her next excursion after a lockdown related binge of Netflix's 'Virgin River'. But even spending a few moments with this warm and friendly person, you quickly understand that Olivia's roots run deep within British soil. With family in Cambridge and her heart in South Wales, nothing could come between her and the beauty of the UK's natural landscape.

It is Olivia's wanderlust and appetite for self-education that confirmed to us she was the right choice for the Ouma team. As great believers that life experience and travel directly relate to innovation and creativity, our new Copywriter has been nothing but a fountain of ideas since she logged in on her very first day. It is her infatuation with the natural world and 'joie de vivre' that makes her writing quiet so unique.

Having used her talents to write short stories and fan fiction for much of her younger life, Olivia began her professional writing career creating long form copy to elevate national brands. Beginning as a newbie intern at a Welsh media company, she successfully navigated the often competitive pathways of a career in marketing. Finding that she thrived in helping clients communicate and engage with their customers, she found her niche in writing for the fast-paced world of Social Media; which is where, on this often unpredictable career pathway she fell into the arms of Ouma. Boy, are we pleased she did... "Olivia is a very talented writer with an extraordinary ability to create content suitable for a diverse range of brands in the social domain. In the short time she has been with us she is already an indispensable member of the Copywriting Team and we are very grateful to have her talent on board. Olivia makes some truly original contributions to our projects and we are very excited to see where her creativity will take us next" - Rachel Lyndon-Jones, Director.

It seems like the feeling of excitement and gratitude is mutual as Olivia continues... "Working with Ouma as a Copywriter is, without sounding too cliché, my dream job! I had been following the company's social media platforms for a while, and was struck by how forward-thinking, fresh, fun and progressive they are as a business. So when I stumbled across the Copywriter advertisement by chance, it felt like fate. I wake up every day so grateful that this is my job! I love writing in any capacity, but to be able to release my creative flair within such a supportive, energetic environment is truly a breath of fresh air."

In a storm of Covid-19, Lockdown 2.0 and workplace transitions, Olivia arrived on our shores and this romance-loving wordsmith is now well and truly one of us. If you ever need Olivia she can be found at Ouma HQ, curled up in a blanket, headphones on, wearing her company issued slippers pouring over her laptop and notebook.

So, crank up the Mamma Mia soundtrack and boil the kettle, Olivia Ross has arrived!

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