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Introducing Katie

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

For the last few months, we've been busy recruiting and, in that time, our team has grown beyond all expectation. Most recently we've been on the lookout to hire a skilful and talented graphic designer to welcome into the company and would you believe it? We happened to find exactly who we were hoping for.

Enter Katie, our fabulous and exceptional design guru. With years of experience and a natural ability for artistic creativity, Katie has already become an integral part of the team. Friendly, open and honest, Katie's transparent personality truly makes her someone that just about anyone would love to be around. Of course, her personable character is complimented with talent and imaginative brilliance - traits critical to the work she'll be doing here, at Ouma.

Both artistic and academic, Katie ventured into A-Level studies in art, history, psychology and biology, initially intending to study forensic psychology at University. However, her grades just fell short of offering a placement on her intended course and instead, Katie decided to pursue her most natural and instinctive talent. In 2013, Katie enrolled on an interactive media college course, where she gained an impressive three A-star qualifications in a subject that truly ignited her passion.

Following her successful course completion, Katie was offered the opportunity to work alongside some of the UK's most prestigious architects and took on the role as architectural assistant whilst she studied for a degree. During her time at the company, she became involved in the design of a school and four other large-scale developments in London. Of course, the opportunity was an invaluable experience but time taught Katie she was destined for new ventures.

In 2015, she decided the degree in architecture wasn't quite the right fit and took the decision to go to University of Wales Trinity Saint David, to study a full-time graphic design degree instead. From here, there was no doubt she was on the right path to future career success and she thoroughly immersed herself in her course, occasionally teaching workshops to school-aged children and taking a leap of faith in setting up her own freelance business to help fund her studies.

Offering high-quality, visually striking website design, alongside rebranding packages specifically targeted to startups and SMEs, Katie's freelance endeavours were the pinnacle starting point of her career. In 2019, she completed her university degree, and enthused to find a job opportunity to excite her, Katie handed in her portfolio to a well-known IT consultancy firm. Unsurprisingly, her unique take on graphic artistry saw her land the position immediately. Initially the company's only graphic designer, within three months she'd worked her way up the ladder to take on more senior responsibilities.

Today, Katie's embarking on a new venture with Ouma and we're so pleased and humbled to have found such incredible talent. Although Katie's artistic flair makes her a fabulous addition to our company, it is her personable and relatable character that has really seen us warm to her. Outside of work, you'll find our graphic designer at the gym or at her local pole dancing studio - an avid workout fan with an interest in expressive dance.

Whilst she's quite keen on keeping healthy, trim and lean, Katie is also first to admit she has an unhealthy Netflix obsession and of an evening, you'll likely find her sprawled on the sofa, eyes glued to her TV screen! Quirky, because well - it's an absolute must-have if you're choosing to work here - Katie's open admission of her 'Wombles' fear is one that makes us all smile, and you'll never find her posing for a selfie with a mascot! Katie's idea of visiting Disneyland? Just hit the rides and avoid every mascot and princess along the way!

Katie says she's really grateful to have found Ouma and she's excited to be part of a team where her talents are appreciated and there's room for career progression. "I am grateful to Ross and Rachel, for taking a chance on a graduate during this climate. I'm loving my new role within the company and I look forward to the future with Ouma."

And of course, we're excited too. Katie really is a wonderful human being who brings so much laughter, warmth and character to the office and we just can't wait to see what she'll do for Ouma.

"Katie is an incredibly talented designer, with a keen eye for detail and an ability to create eye-catching graphics for businesses of all forms. Katie has injected a new lease of life into several of the social media accounts we have recently acquired, and has an interesting vision for a variety of the larger projects we're working on as a team. We're excited to see what she's going to create next!"

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