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Introducing Holly

Welcome the latest recruit to join Ouma. Creative, vivacious and high-spirited, Holly radiates energy and enthusiasm as she settles into her new role. Bringing with her a wealth of business knowledge, experience and skill, complete with a passion for creative arts and content, Holly has taken the position of Account Executive at Ouma. She will now be a key liaison between Ouma and key clients, supporting with communications and strategy implementation. In addition, her personal appreciation for the written word will see her support our Senior Copywriter with a range of PR-led innovations and content creation.

However, Holly's original roadmap to success once looked quite different. In 2010, after completing her A-Levels in maths, biology and chemistry, her impressive academic performance was rewarded with a placement on the highly coveted OxBridge programme, where she was welcomed to study medicine. While the prospect of a career in patient care steered Holly through most of her schooling, she eventually realised her creatively-led instinct was the path she wanted to pursue. Deciding against university, Holly took a gap-year and funded her lifestyle by setting up shop on eBay – a venture in selling past seasons' luxury lingerie and swimwear at affordable cost.

At the same time, Holly continued to utilise any opportunity to express herself through the creative arts. A contemporary dancer, with profound performance skills and natural agility for commercial, Latin and jazz, Holly's dancing is just one of the many beautiful elements of her personality that makes her so truly unique.

This year, she was primed to perform at Swansea Pride Hits the Dancefloor, taking to the stage as part of a same-sex couplet, dancing to highlight the importance of acceptance for our LGBTQ community. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has meant the event was cancelled, but none the less, Holly's personal reasons for partaking still stand, and she is passionate about love, rights and acceptance for all.

While dance is intrinsic to Holly's creatively-inclined persona, she is also an avid lover of photography and videography. A quick browse through her Instagram feed and you'll be drawn into a showcase of vibrant landscape photography and expressive portrait work - an inspiring collection from our talented and skilful recruit!

Prior to her venture with Ouma, Holly was an intrinsic part of a family project close to her heart. Supporting with content, Holly had editorial responsibility for What's On in Swansea Magazine - an established local publication, spearheaded by her parents. During her time as Editor, Holly interviewed many local names and celebrities including musicians and artists and wrote about arts and events significant to Swansea. Passionate about her hometown, Holly would write content to encourage people to visit, stay and invest time in south Wales. It was this dedication that saw her win Best Young Tourism Ambassador at the Swansea Bay Tourism Awards 2019.

Multi-talented and multi-cultural, Holly's mixed heritage adds individuality and edge to her eccentric personality. Part Greek, Italian, Welsh and Scottish, Holly's diverse cultural roots are as unique as she is. In her spare time, you'll find Holly listening to her favourite podcast, Motley Fool Money, an American podcast that offers insight into the global stocks and shares market. You may even spot her on your own television screens as her effervescent personality has landed her roles on BBC's Casualty, S4C's Diwrnod and HBO's series Industry, produced and directed by Lena Dunham, which airs on BBC2 on Tue 10 November.

In just a few weeks, Holly has immersed herself into her new role at Ouma:

"Meeting Ross and Rachel [automatically hums Friends' theme tune] for the first time in my interview, I had a gut feeling Ouma was going to be a great fit. When an individual's and a company's values align, that’s the golden ticket, the foundation for innovation."

"Only a few weeks in and I'm enjoying every day: from being involved in the planning and creation of Ouma's next growth phase, working with a truly A* team and managing clients including the impressive Athlete Career Transition, I am wholly engaged and invested. At Ouma, both my creative and entrepreneurial ambitions are being nurtured; I am enjoying the fast-paced nature that is everything digital media marketing. An SME with anything but small ambitions, I am excited for the challenges ahead - watch out UK, Ouma's on a roll."

With such an impressive portfolio and background in creative arts and interests, you can see why we believe Holly will be a perfect fit for Ouma. We're excited to see what she will bring to the company.

"Holly is an incredibly bright and energetic individual who thrives from a challenge and is already innovating how we work and manage our customer relationships. We're very excited to see what the future holds for Holly and how she will use her enthusiasm, knowledge at out-of-the-box thinking to take Ouma to the next level."

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