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Introducing Amy

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

It's all happening here at Ouma HQ; and like James's giant peach, our team just keeps on growing! We'd love to take a moment to introduce you to our bubbly and creative Social Media Executive, Amy Jones!

She joined the Ouma Team at a time of great excitement, and her passion for graphic design & illustration is truly taking our Social Media department to the next level.

Amy lives and breathes social media; you'll find her in Ouma HQ sitting in a beanbag with her phone in one hand, a cup of tea in the other, scrolling through the news, discovering new developments in the social industry to advise clients on social media marketing growth & engagement tactics, and keeping the team up to date on the latest trends.

Creative to the core, Amy has already made an inspiring contribution to our team, getting stuck right in from the very start, finding new ways to implement the latest marketing movements into our content strategies.

Creativity has always flowed through Amy's veins, as she naturally shone at subjects such as Art in school. She took this passion to a Degree level, starting off by completing a Foundation course in Art & Design at the University of Wales Trinity St. David in Swansea.

This wasn't enough for our Amy, and she continued her studies at UWTSD, achieving a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising and Brand Design. This was when she really started to fall in love with Graphic Design, and the freedom of expression that came with it.

After graduating, Amy knew that she didn't want to go straight into the chaos of job hunting; the final year of uni was stressful enough! So, she took a well-deserved break and funneled all of her energy and creativity into establishing her own freelancing business; Jones & Joy. We might be biased, but we think her work is absolutely stunning.

(Image by Simon Gough Photography)

Amy has always loved the elegance of the wedding industry, which is ultimately what drew her to starting Jones & Joy. She specifically loves creating the little details, such as table plans and place settings, but also adores designing engagement announcement cards and 'Save the Date' invitations. Her work has even featured in British Vogue and Brides!

So, if you know a newly engaged couple who would like a touch of elegance on their special day, look no further than Amy!

When she's not working her butt off creating mind-blowing social content and running her business, Amy loves nothing more than quiet time with a good modern romance novel, curled up on her sofa with her two rescue cats, Obi and Yoda (her partner is a BIG Star Wars fan).

Don't be fooled by this peaceful and wholesome image however, there's a wild side to our sweet Amy! When she's not lost in Harper Lee's 'To Kill A Mockingbird', Amy is a regular at gigs such as the Download Festival, and loves dancing the night away to rock music and heavy metal, with a Malibu & Diet Coke firmly in hand. She's a dark horse!

It's no surprise then, that her favourite TV shows are as diverse as her free time activities. After a long weekend at a festival, you'll usually find Amy snuggled up watching her absolute favourite comfort show - Sons of Anarchy. It's hard to believe that our lover of all things rock & roll designs such elegant wedding stationery!

When Sons of Anarchy isn't on, we can guarantee that she'll either be chuckling at Jane the Virgin, or lost in the chaotic storylines of Riverdale.

No stranger to the pull of wanderlust, Amy and her partner, Shane, have embarked on many exciting adventures together. When we asked her what her favourite place has been so far, her immediate answer was Amsterdam. She's been twice, and loves the fact that each trip is completely different to the last because there's so much to do there. She's particularly fond of museum hopping!

Amy is hoping that her next adventure will take her to Iceland. She's determined to experience the magic of the Northern Lights, and spend some time relaxing in the Nordic country. With her ice blonde hair and blue eyes, we think she'll feel right at home up there!

We are absolutely over the moon that Amy is part of the Ouma family, and we are just loving the energy and creativity that she's bringing each and every day! Here are a few words from Director, Rachel:

"Since joining Ouma, Amy hasn't let anything hold her back, she's been hands-on from day one, getting her teeth into the nitty-gritty, developing a sound understanding of our clients' needs so she could hit the ground running, and she's done just that!

Every day, we're eager to see what new ideas Amy will bring to the table, it's an absolute joy to have her involved in everything we do within our social department.

A friend to everyone on the team, Amy has a calming yet effervescent presence and a kind word for us all; it's a true pleasure to have her on board."

We think the feeling is mutual! ...

"My first month at Ouma has been a breath of fresh air! After working from home for over a year, I'm so excited to have joined the team at a time of change as we settle into our new HQ in the heart of Swansea.

I was a bag of nerves at the thought of changing career paths from design to social, but I'm happy to say it was the best decision I've made! The support and encouragement I've received in the short time I've worked here has had a hugely positive impact on me, and I feel so confident and excited about my work already.

I'm super proud to be a part of this incredibly fun, forward-thinking team and I'm learning so much every day. I can't wait to see what my new career with Ouma has in store!" - Amy

Amy joined us at such a busy and exciting time, and has taken it all in her stride. Even though her task list has been as long as her arm most days, she never faulters and always comes through with incredible work, time and time again.

So, if you sense a tectonic shift in the social media sphere, that's just Amy working her magic! We can't wait to see what creative idea she comes up with next. Watch this space!

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