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How to create maximum engagement on a targeted LinkedIn advertising campaign

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

So, you’ve set your campaign off to work its magic and you’ve not had the results you were expecting straight away. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in feeling like that, it’s important to understand that no campaign is perfect from the very start.

Creating maximum engagement on your targeted LinkedIn advertising campaign is not as complicated as it might sound. We will talk you through how making a few changes can get you the engagement you’ve been looking for. You have more power at your disposal than you realise with LinkedIn Ads.

Change-up your targeting

When you’re choosing your target audience, you want to reach an audience big enough for your campaign to have an impact on your potential customers, yet still small enough to reach those you want to click through. LinkedIn makes it easy to hit your target audience, it just might take a bit of tweaking to get there.

A/B testing is something which can prove useful to see what is working and what isn’t, using this type of testing you can look at targeting different audiences to be able to see which one will work better. For example, if you are targeting via age group, according to LinkedIn you could be missing 70% of your target audience. For B2B ads, it can be more useful to target using years of experience rather than a specific age group.

Experimenting with job titles can also be another way to widen your search and target the right people with your campaign. Use job functions or skills instead of titles and hierarchy as these can differ from company to company.

Expand your Audience

Narrowing down your criteria enables LinkedIn to see what is working as you will start to see an improvement in your results. Analysing the demographics on your LinkedIn Ad dashboard you will be able to see the audiences which are resonating most with your content.

Choosing the ‘Expanded Audience’ option on your dashboard allows LinkedIn algorithms to automatically find members who are more likely to be receptive to your content. These members are usually similar to the criteria you have chosen, reaching people you may not have thought about in your initial targeting.

Get creative with marketing via social media

Get creative

Making minor changes to how your Ad looks can make a huge difference in how much engagement your Ad will receive. LinkedIn has carried out some research into what works best. For example; they tested a picture of a person’s face versus one with hands and technology. The picture with facial content had a 160% higher click through rate. They then tested another campaign with a statistic headline versus one without and saw 162% higher click through rate with a statistic headline, and the last test they did was halving the length the headline which saw an 18% increase in engagement.

Making small changes to your campaign can make a huge difference, so consider the picture you use and the type of headline which accompanies your picture. There are no hard or fast rules when it comes to creating the perfect campaign, but by trying different variants it will help you to understand what engages your audience.

Tighten your bidding Strategy

Even if you create the perfect Ad this needs to be coupled with the right bid to ensure your Ad gets seen. Here are a couple of tips as to how you can improve your bidding strategy:

  • Set competitive bids | Raising your maximum bid above the recommendation is a relatively low risk way of increasing your odds of winning.

  • Don’t set your daily caps too low | Low daily caps can make it hard to get enough data for the next round optimisation. Keep your cap high until you’ve optimised the reach in your campaign and then lower it towards the end.

  • Frontload your budget | Set your daily higher budget earlier in the month to collect data.

  • Aim for quality and relevance | LinkedIn evaluates past performances when determining winning bids. Boost your top performers and turn off underperforming campaigns. This will then raise your relevance score and stretch your budget in the future.

Some Ad campaigns will soar as they first take off and some will spend time lying in the background. Marketing campaigns often need a combination of evaluation, experimentation and optimisation. This is key to ensuring any future campaigns you create are done with thought and precision. Take the time to test and put effort into creating an Ad campaign which will increase your audience and customer engagement.

If you would like help with your Ad Campaigns, then reach out to us today. We can talk you through how to effectively maximise your campaign to ensure you are reaching your desired audience and achieving your long-term marketing goals.

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