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April: The month of new beginnings

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

April 2021 marked a monumental moment in modern history as the month the UK started to reopen its doors once again. It also marked a pivotal moment in the four year history of Ouma! There's been some big changes, hard work and plenty of laughs along the way: we are here to reveal all...

If you've been watching our socials carefully you may have already guessed our big news! It has been a month of flat pack furniture, fast food and late nights as we proudly moved into our dream office space. With deliveries practically every day, the interiors are certainly taking shape and we can't wait to reveal all. The team are all getting used to the new commute (a little bit further than from the bedroom to living room now)

Keep an eye on our social platforms for more updates and sneak peaks on the progress of our new space!

Our second piece of exciting news last month was the arrival of our brand-new Copywriter, Olivia Ross. A wordsmith to the core, Olivia has brought a great new energy to the team with her fountain of creative ideas and perfectly crafted copy. This literature loving, coffee drinking, shiny new team member joins the team at a time of immense growth and great excitement as we continue with our recruitment drive! If you'd like to hear more about Olivia, head over and read a blog about her experience and journey so far, here.

We're always happy to hear from new talent, and if you're reading this and think you might fancy becoming part of the Ouma family at some point, head over and check out vacancies... you know you want to.


With new born lambs bouncing around the fields, nesting season in full swing and the announcement of a 'Friends' reunion, we know it wasn't just us that were celebrating new beginnings this spring. April saw the full Ouma team support many of our clients feel their way through the country's collective re-opening. Amongst the cacophony of cheers over the hospitality industry throwing open it's doors once again, we went to work ensuring that all our clients could successfully pivot, rebrand and reopen with ease.

From restaurant re-brands to outdoor dining experiences, recruitment drives to new fitness programmes - we've assisted in anyway we can to make sure our clients had a smooth transition out of Lockdown 2.0

A big part of our company culture at Ouma HQ is to reflect and learn from our experiences. As the world slowly begins to turn again we wanted to take a moment to reflect a little on what we have learnt from Lockdown 2.0...

'What a year it's been! I've learned so much throughout this strange and unexpected time, but least not, more about our own strength and resilience. Throughout, we've had to adjust to situations as quickly as they've changed; from home schooling and remote working, to learning to survive on little to no social interaction. We've realised we're more adaptable than we ever thought, stronger than we knew we could be and more reliant on others than even the most independent of us believed we were. For us all, it's been a journey; for me personally - one of growth and true inner resilience, as a friend, mother and professional.'

- Michelle Smith, Senior Copywriter

'Sunshine is medicine, PJ days are great fun and the best thing about Zoom is seeing everyone's dogs!'

- Becky Randall, Social Media Executive

'I think the main thing I have learned during lockdown is how to renovate a house! My boyfriend bought a house in 2019, and we spent the majority of 2020 knocking down walls, ripping off wallpaper, taking up floorboards, sanding down staircases and painting every surface imaginable to make way for our vision. We moved in around October 2020 and there's still plenty of work to carry on with - it never ends! So, thanks to lockdown, I can add fitting flooring, tiling & grouting, carpentry, and decorating to my list of skills!'

- Olivia Ross, Copywriter

From home schooling to home renovation and plenty of home working, it's safe to say we are all ready for normality to resume. April has seen the team up to their eye balls in excitement, anticipation and flat pack furniture!

So, here's to new beginnings, lessons learnt and the next chapter for the Ouma team!