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Say Hello to our Social Specialist - Rachel

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Rachel Lyndon-Jones is like no other. With a smile that quite literally radiates positivity, an infectious personality and a true passion for developing a business’ brand, there’s no wonder why our customers love her.

One of our directors and here from the very beginning, Rachel is certainly not afraid of hard work. She’s of course a foodie and dog-lover (just like the rest of the team) and can motivate the office with the bribing of her outstandingly delicious cupcakes.

Before taking on her role at Ouma, Rachel developed a very well-known brand in South Wales running her own successful cake business. For over three years, Rachel honed her client relationship skills and created a reputable brand recognised across the country.

Looking to make the most of her unique skillset and support other business owners, Rachel took it upon herself to look for an even greater challenge; working alongside entrepreneurs and marketing teams to build their brands and maximise their exposure through great Social Media Management.

Using her experience and expertise, Rachel is the perfect fit to manage our client’s social platforms. Being a bit of a chatterbox can work in her favour as she develops excellent relationships with our clients and their social audiences. Rachel is very approachable and easy to talk with, allowing her to truly understand what our clients need, helping them engage with the right audience whilst ensuring every detail is covered.

Social media management has become a vital part of a business’ marketing strategy. In start-up businesses as well as larger organisations, having a social presence can be the backbone of developing brand and customer loyalty. Rachel is our specialist in creating those engaging social experiences.

Rachel’s process is simple. Know the business, know the customers, know what brings them both together. It’s simply not good enough to post a couple of social posts here and there; a strategy is needed, a plan to understanding what content is being posted and what we’re trying to achieve by posting it.

Brands need exposure, they need consistency in their posts and in the way they interact with customers. With response times being absolutely key to customer service, we feel it necessary to apply full time resource to a role which supports the growth and development of our customer’s social experience.

This is why Rachel is your full-time social media manager. Contact us today for a free 1 hour consultation.