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Why Outsource Your Marketing Function?

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Every business needs a marketing team to fulfil their business objectives. As well as enhancing brand and customer perceptions, they boost sales through implementing pipelines and targeting hot prospects through advanced methods of marketing. When considering a marketing team, you have two options; your own internal marketing team or an outsourced marketing solution.

So, why do we recommend the outsourced option? (Apart from the obvious reason that we're an outsourced marketing business *eye roll*)


Opting for an outsourced marketing team provides you with options and flexibility. Let's give you an example;

Your business doesn't have any marketing resource. You don't know whether to hire an internal marketing manager, or outsource your marketing to an agency. You're options are:

Option A

You hire an experienced marketing manager on £30,000 per annum. After employment costs, expenses, travel etc. you're looking at an overall cost of circa £45,000 per annum. This marketing manager will help to position your business, organise operational requirements, manage brand consistency and support sales teams by implementing a pipeline strategy.

In order to implement the strategies through website development, social media management, design requirements, automation and additional resource, the marketing manager will need to outsource. Once you include the outsourced costs, you'll be looking at an annual cost of over £100,000 per annum.

Option B

You opt to outsource your marketing function to a marketing organisation (e.g. Ouma). Ouma will provide your business with five key skill-sets to both design and implement your marketing strategy. You'll receive;

An experienced marketing director to sit alongside your executive team, holding your hand through the strategic process and developing a first-rate strategy for each of your products / services.

A marketing manager to implement and organise the strategic and day-to-day requirements of your business.

A social media executive to manage each social platform, liaise with local teams and depict the culture of your organisation.

A graphic designer to create all of your marketing collateral requirements. This would usually cost at least £200 per item for most graphic design agencies.

A web developer to create the systems required to both automate and enhance your sales process.

Typically, a solution of this size would incur an annual cost of circa £60,000 - all-in.

Don't get us wrong - having an internal marketeer has its benefits and if you find the right person with a varied skill-set, they can set your business apart at a relatively low cost.


What other benefits can I get from utilising an outsourced marketing agency?

No additional training costs incurred.

You will inevitably need to train your team. Be it to learn new skills or attend a conference to enhance knowledge, there will be a time when you'll be required to fork-out for often-hefty course fees. Utilising an outsourced marketing team means you won't need to invest in employee development - we do that on your behalf.

Trends & technology.

An outsourced marketing team will always be up-to-date with the latest trends and new technology. A new app? An updated social media platform? A new trend in the market? Being in the know sets a marketing apart - and it's what outsourced teams do best.

No recurring costs.

Outsourcing your marketing is great for one-off projects. Instead of hiring a marketeer with the on-costs and tie-downs included, you can opt to work with a marketing business and only pay for the time you use.

Overall, utilising an outsourced marketing solution poses many benefits to your business. There's no concerns over finding the right person for the job and you'll have peace of mind in the knowledge that you’re dealing with specialists.

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